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Shíká ‘anilyeed

From time to time I need some outside help with learning Navajo, this is where my Navajo speaking friends (you , the audience) can come in handy. I will start posting text that I would like to be read in Navajo. The audio will be used to accompany my Anki flashcards or will help with reading in Learning With Text.

All pending Navajo audio request are at this link:

Recordings can be done within the site once you are signed in. If you don’t want to sign-up for but want to read the audio for me, email me and we can figure something out. One more thing, I’ve included a .pdf file with each request because the RhinoSpike site, doesn’t handle the Navajo text very well.

Current requests:

Chiih Yee Adiohii    pdf

Navajo Adjectives   pdf

Shash Tsoh Łigaii   pdf

Tsinlátah Ayáanii   pdf

Tsídii Tsoh    pdf

Sííl     pdf

Náshdoí Dilwo’í    pdf

Thank You.