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Audio/Visual Multimedia

Navajo Word of the Day
A daily post of Navajo phrases or vocabulary with audio, dedicated to presenting the Navajo language in a simple format.

Kii’s House- Audio Story Book
A children’s audio story book available with Navajo text and translation.

KNBA Native Word of the Day
A radio station’s Navajo words as apart of their Native-word-of-the-Day series

NN Radio Network
Information for the Navajo Nation radio network. Navajo audio available for what is aired on local stations.

Diné Bizaad Bóhoo’aah Level 1
Audio to use with a book by by Gary Witherspoon
Audio recordings of Navajo text or Transcripts of submitted Navajo content. Check Navajo queue if you are interested in participating.
Navajo words with some audio

Dine Bizaad-Spotted Eagle Site
Some words with audio content to listen to

New Testament in Navajo, Hymnal song recordings

Navajo Bible Podcast
The Bible in Navajo, download in itunes, get it on your iPod.

KTNN Radio-The Voice of the Navajo Nation
Navajo Nations own radio station, DJs speak in Navajo. Live Online Stream of  the station available. Check their schedule for their news hour to hear more Navajo.

General Conference Address Archives
Conference addresses in Navajo by The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. English text available here in every May and November issue.

Daybreakwarrior’s YouTube Channel
Songs in Navajo, a few Navajo lessons, videos have Navajo captions

Ben Beco YouTube Channel
Animation with Navajo audio and some subtitles

Foreign Language Road Running YouTube Channel
Reviews of a few Navajo books, some pronunciation practice by a fellow  Navajo language learner

NavajoNow TV YouTube Channel
My own YouTube Channel. I favorite videos that have exclusive Navajo content, or other videos helpful for learning. Check my playlists for a categorization of videos.

Navajo Television -NNTV5- YouTube Channel
YouTube videos of Navajo Nation Television Station

Ben Shelly YouTube Channel
YouTube Channel for Navajo Nation President

Lynda Lovejoy YouTube Channel
YouTube Channel for 2010 Pres. candidate Lynda Lovejoy

Daniel Peaches YouTube Channel
YouTube Channel for 2010 Pres. candidate Daniel Peaches

My Navajo Language website
Videos and other multimedia for  learning Navajo

Utah Electronic High School
Videos and other information available to learn basic Navajo.

Coyote and the Lizards video
plus Coyote and Horned Toad, Coyote and Beaver

Coyote and the Skunk video

Navajo Nation Television
Information for the Navajo Nation Television Station

Navajo Nation Library
Information on audio tapes of Navajo history (in library use only)

Navajo Nation Office of Broadcast Services
Radio, Television, Film, etc information for the Navajo Nation

Univ. of Arizona Basic Lesson
Basic Navajo Lesson

Navajo Music
Transcriptions of Navajo music, lyrics, sheet music, etc.

Countryboy79’s Navajo Page
Some Navajo text to read and listen to. Search around the site for content.
Multimedia website with games, vocab, numbers, pronunciation audio Bizaad
Glossary of terms, colors, numbers, days of the week, kinship, etc. Audio is available. NOTE: You will need to have a Navajo Font set up on your computer to view page correctly. Font available for download on the column.

Navajo Curriculum Materials
Long list of Navajo books, videos, tapes, DVDs available for purchase. Worth looking at.

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