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KTNN Radio App Tip

October 12, 2011

By now you know that KTNN has a radio app for my iPod Touch; I downloaded it sometime ago. I have not invested much time in listening to the app because I thought I was listening to more English than I really wanted to.

Well, I found a way to work around the English advertisements and music.

What you need is a set of headphones with the clicker mechanism that lets you adjust the volume and play/pause you music. You’ll also need a playlist of Navajo audio of your choice.

I found that when I have the KTNN app open and playing I can use the earphone clicker to play whatever audio I was listening to last (ie: music playlist or podcast). KTNN fades out and my Sharon Burch playlist starts. If I want to switch back to KTNN, I simply have to touch the stop/play button for the app to reconnect. Voila !

This really helps to keep the Navajo coming consistently.

I thought I would try something like this before. But without the clicker I would have to close out of the app…open my music library and hit play….THEN…..close my music library and restart the KTNN app if I wanted to switch back.  Too many steps. I suppose I could also double-click the home button that brings up the mini music menu on the screen, but I don’t want to handle my iPod as much. Clicking is quicker.

How to:

1. Create a playlist of Navajo stuff, music or speaking.
2. Start listening to the playlist for a few seconds then pause it.
3. Open KTNN app and listen. When a non-Navajo commercial or song starts playing…
4. Click once on the clicker. Your iPod playlist will start.
5. To switch back to KTNN, press the play button twice to reconnect.

This is assuming that a user is not doing other things on the iPod, but is strictly just listening.

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  1. November 1, 2011 3:53 pm

    Interested your blogs.

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