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Let’s use RhinoSpike!

March 23, 2011

I discovered a new language website a few weeks ago. It is called RhinoSpike. The internet is amazing!

RhinoSpike, in short, is an audio on demand site for individuals learning a foreign language.  One only has to submit a request of a desired list of words or phrases, then a native speaker from the target language records and uploads the audio online. Requests are often already written in the target language with an english translation. Audio is available for download as an mp3 file. I want to edit and upload the audio on Anki for more effective personal study, or even just to listen to on an iPod or other mp3 player.

While browsing the language categories I did find a category for Navajo. This was surprising considering Navajo has very little language material online. There is no audio yet, but there is one request. I think it might be from the Navajo Wikipedia, but I am not sure.

I have decided to go ahead and submit a few audio requests. I still have this folder full of Navajo vocabulary my sister used in high school. I am working on making a few of the most relevent lists available on the blog while, at the same time, requesting the audio through RhinoSpike.

The trick to this service, at least for our purposes here, is making sure there are native Navajo speakers participating. Does anyone have an idea of how we can get the word out?

I am realizing more and more how important the involvement of fluent Navajo speaking community is to those of us who are learning.

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