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Navajo Wikiibíídiiya

January 30, 2011

If you haven’t figured it out just yet Wikiibíídiiya is Navajo for Wikipedia. If you, like myself, have searched on Wikipedia for Navajo content you most likely came to English pages with history and cultural articles on the Navajo. I guess I expected something to supplement my learning.

Well, I changed the way I search for Navajo content online. I used to just type in Navajo or Navajo Language. This time around I typed in a Navajo word with accents and I found the Navajo Wikiibíídiiya in the search results.

Wow. And I mean WOW. I am unsure of who is contributing to these page but there is a lot of content to read. It is almost overwhelming. Everything is in Navajo. When you get to the main page it is split up into sections plants, fish, animals, birds, and insects. I am unsure of what is toward the top, I’ll have to go in and poke around to find out.

If you just click around a page will eventually show up with an explanation in Navajo along with a picture about the selected word. I find the pictures to be very helpful. For example I was just clicking around at the top of the page and it led me to Chidí, then it breaks into a few more categories. One of these next words is Chidí tsoh. I know chidí means car, and tsoh means big. So what could be a big car in Navajo. The next page show me a picture of a semi-truck. Huh, makes sense when I think about it.

Go check it out. You might want a dictionary of some sort on hand to help you out. I have not figured out if the text for the articles are coming from English Wikipedia sources then translated or if they are completely original. It would help if they were translated.

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