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A Navajo Language YouTube Channel

January 27, 2011

Last weekend I had some luck and a spark of inspiration. After I revamped my Links page I poked around the internet for more resources that I could list on my blog. I found a few more resources (luck) on an obscure website or two and then turned my attention to YouTube. Although I thought about not searching for more videos I went ahead and did it anyway.

Sixty-four search pages LATER, I found quite a few videos, and YouTube channels, I was not previously aware of. I thought about adding a list into my blog Links page, but that could prove to be very messy or unattractive. Especially when the ability to edit my wordpress template is limited. Well, then the thought occurred to me that I should just set up a YouTube channel dedicated to the Navajo language.

As of Tuesday, I have set up the NavajoNow TV YouTube Channel. If you go to the channel I have some videos as favorites. (I really liked the caterpillar story in Navajo). The goal is to favorite videos that were created for the purpose of educating and teaching Navajo. I tried to stay away from selecting documentaries about the language. I am glad for these documentaries and interviews, but as a whole they generally provide the same information (in english).

To keep things organized I’ve decided to make playlists for lessons, stories, and other categories to find the appropriate video content type an individual studying Navajo might be looking for. I need to find a way to make it look nicer. If someone is willing to volunteer to make a nifty background I would be very grateful.

I got some inspiration to begin a new project with all this going on. Let’s just say, for now, it involves YouTube and more details will be forthcoming.

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