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Voice of the Navajo Nation – KTNN AM 660

January 13, 2011

I remember visiting my grandparents’ house when I was little. Grandpa always had KTNN cued up on his old radio in the living room.  If grandpa was out at the sheep camp and grandma was out as well I would change the station to the popular R & B music station to keep from being bored. For some reason I could never find the station it was originally set on. I don’t know if grandpa ever noticed; at least he never mentioned anything about it.

I always remembered hearing the Navajo DJ between the song selections. For the most part I tuned out what they were saying because it was way too fast for me to understand and there was no real interest for me to even attempt to understand. Aside from song and artist information there were local events announcements, local news, etc. This stuff is just not interesting to a child or teen.

I feel a little nostalgic at times and want to listen to KTNN. Their signal has been picked up in the New Zealand islands at night time (so says the website), but I could never seem to pick up a very clear signal in Utah or North Carolina. I had emailed the station years ago if they had an online audio feed. They didn’t then, but they do now. According to the program schedule there is a time set aside everyday for news that lasts about an hour everyday. I don’t know if they will ever have a podcast up. That would be helpful to review the same audio over and over…possibly slow it down for review. Maybe it’s about time for another email.

I’m listening to the feed right now. Fairly clear. So far I’ve heard two modern country songs, one older country song, news about the memorial service for the tragedy in Tuscon, Arizona and a Navajo chanting song. Which reminded me that this station mingles cultural music with country music. As for the DJ, you can get the gist of some of the news and announcements because they will often use english words in place of  Navajo. Listen, you’ll get what I mean in no time.

Here are a few samples of KTNN broadcasts courtesy of daybreakwarrior’s YouTube channel. The first is a weather forecast and the other is a message from Miss Navajo on Valentine’s day. It’s helpful to have the text to read, although I think it can be overwhelming to follow when reading. Don’t forget Navajo was never a written language, it was meant to be heard. Don’t let all the letters and accents become discouraging.

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