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2011 Resolutions

January 1, 2011

Wow, it is about five hours until the new year. 2010 was an interesting year. The Navajo Now Language Blog didn’t get off the ground until February 2010. At the time I was still wondering how I was going to use this blog to contribute to the navajo language community. Now I have developed a few ideas and goals for my blog this upcoming year.

These are my resolutions:

  • The blog address says, “podcast”. This is what I want work on. I will commit to getting at least one audio file up a month, but I will set a goal for myself to create two audio podcast posts a month.
  • This blog is also about my progress in learning to speak navajo. I will commit to writing a post each week about any progress (or no progress) in my language learning.
  • I will continue to post information on resources that I develop for myself as well as others that can be found online. This also leads to another much needed  improvement.
  • I want to revamp the links page. I just looked at it recently and it is looking very overwhelming. I originally thought having the link address and the name of the site would be helpful, but it just makes everything look like a mess. Completed Jan ’11
  • I think I will seek out and speak to others who teach Navajo or those who have information to contribute to what I am doing here. If you or someone you know could donate time or simple learning materials to contribute to the goal of this blog please contact me.

There you have it. Stay tuned for more frequent posts and resources to be available in 2011.

Happy New Year Everyone

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