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December 20, 2010

I decided if I really wanted a good handle on language I need to review English grammar first. I hated English class in grade school and high school. I am more of a scientific minded individual. I just got through a whole semester of comprehending the intricate functions of the human body and I did well. Tell me to take an English or Writing class and will struggle all semester.

This step came to mind while a friend was giving me a Brazilian Portuguese lesson via Skype. I made some comment about how the word order in a particular phrase was confusing to me because I compared it to a similar phrase I knew in Spanish. Right away she started explaining, using the word “preposition” some where in her explanation. I nodded in agreement to her brief explanation when I really didn’t know what “preposition” meant in the first place.

I am going to do better. I found some grammar textbooks at a thrift store and a few grammar website with quizzes to test my knowledge.

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