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Motivation to Learn

December 16, 2010

I sometimes find it difficult to keep motivated to continue learning Navajo. I am sure others that are learning other languages have the same thoughts of inadequacy and burn out at some point. Well, during one of these periods I went looking. Looking for what? I wasn’t sure. I believe I wanted to find some obscure multimedia that I could use in my learning program.

I remembered that the Navajo Nation has is own library located in Window Rock, Arizona. I had never been there. I doubted they even had a website, but they do. So I read up on what types of services they offer. This is what I found to be the most interesting:

Office of Navajo Economic Opportunity (ONEO) Oral History Collection

This is a collection of oral history tapes, with Navajo and English transcription, (TRANSCRIPTS ARE NOT AVAILABLE FOR GENERAL PUBLIC USE), originally gathered by the Navajo Culture Center of the Office of Navajo Economic Opportunity (ONEO) in its effort to collect and preserve Navajo cultural and historical information.  The tapes primarily contain first person documentation of traditional Navajo religion.  The recordings were originally made with reel-to-reel equipment, but the original tapes have been re-recorded onto cassettes in an attempt to prevent loss of information due to possible deterioration of the old master tapes.

Collection Size:  The contents of 1,500 reel-to-reel tapes were transferred onto approximately 200 cassette tapes.

Access: Available for use by the general public.

Wow. Think about it…how many people actually take advantage of this resource. I can’t imagine what could possibly be there. So if you need some motivation or a goal to work toward, how about engage in learning Navajo to one day go and listen to these tapes. When I get to that point I might spend days just listening.

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