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Adventures in Learning

November 26, 2010

Photographer: Suat Eman

My roommate’s brother was spending the week with us and I was playing around with his new iPod Touch. I am thinking about buying one so I was toying around with it trying to figure if its resourcefulness would bring me any benefit. I was looking through iPod Touch Apps that I could download. I searched for “Navajo”and a Navajo Talk App popped up: Navajo uTalk by EuroTalk. I’ve seen this program before and I think it’s ok, it just teaches some vocabulary. It’s up for purchase to use and I have no money to test it out quite yet.

Going onto my discovery. Each App has a sample screen of the program. As I thumbed through the images I noticed the sample word and a series of pictures to choose from. The word was Alóós. As I looked at the pictures I saw a few things. To my surprise I saw a bowl of rice. The word Alóós looked kind of like the word Arroz in Spanish. And if pronounced correctly is akin to the Spanish word for rice. The preview did not display the correct word, but I went to my Conversational Navajo Dictionary and it was right. They are synonymous. How funny. Which when you think of the Southwestern history makes more sense. Navajo’s traditionally do not eat rice. It would have been introduced from somewhere and mostly likely used the name that was used from the people they received it from. Either Spaniards or Mexicans.

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