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Navajo Courses I Discovered

April 13, 2010

It’s interesting to see what kind of things you can find on the internet. Finding anything “Navajo” is difficult. It just so happened I ran into a discussion forum in the “Navajos on the East Coast” Facebook Group on learning Navajo.

Around the time I graduated from high school the Navajo Nation required Navajo individuals who wanted to apply for the Chief Manuelito Scholarship needed to have taken a Navajo language and Navajo government class. This Facebook discussion forum provided a link to an online class to take to fulfill that qualification. It is provided by The American Academy; it looks like it costs $109.00 and this is the description of the class:

This course fulfills the requirement for Navajo Language for students anticipating applying for the Chief Manuelito scholarship. Topics covered are: Navajo vowels, Navajo consonants, Family, Parts of the Human Body, Numbers 1 to 10, 10’s, 100’s, 1000’s, Colors, Textures, Shapes & Sizes, Time, Days of the Week, Seasons, Months, Clothing, Food, Money, Directions, Places, Nature, Plants, and Animals.
Graduation Requirements:
This course may be used toward the Electives graduation requirement for diploma-seeking students. Applies Toward: World Languages, Electives
It looks like something worth trying if you want that scholarship. It look fairly simple and there might be a second part of the course to take. If someone has taken this it would be helpful to know what they thought of it.
In contrast, I found a Navajo linguistics workshop provided by The Navajo Language Academy. This is for more advanced learners and begins in July and runs for 4 weeks. It will cost you $350.00 for tuition and materials, this doesn’t count meals and lodging. The class goes over the complexities of the Navajo Verb and other things.
This is something I will definitely consider after I have studied a little more. Maybe next year.

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