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Welcome to Navajo Now!

February 13, 2010

Welcome to my blog.

This is my introductory blog to my current language project. I’ve explain myself some in the About Me section of this blog, but I will introduce myself and my project here as well.

My name is Krystle. I am Navajo originally from the Navajo Reservation in New Mexico. I currently reside in North Carolina while I pursue graduate studies. Not long ago I was looking for any resources online for learning and mastering the Navajo language. I don’t speak Navajo and I have little to no comprehension when listening to it. So I am endevouring to study and learn the language. The problem is my location and lack of resources. I found that most resources exist in the form of books and little can be found online for the self-learner at little cost. I have been always on the look out for my personal study of Spanish and Portuguese, and I wanted the same help with Navajo.

I’ve run into comments and posts of other Navajo individuals who wish they could speak and some are actually trying. Yet some become frustrated after trying all these programs and books, etc. I believe it to be very important to learn or the language will inevitably die along with the rich culture we have. So I want to learn to speak. This blog is to log my progress. At first I wanted to develop a podcast to actually teach the language. However, I can’t teach what I don’t know; I am not fluent neither am I a linguist. I am Navajo so I got that going for me. But I had some really good ideas for some study materials. So I decided to keep a blog instead and I would develop materials for myself to study. Seeing how easy I could make my materials and considering the time it would take others to do the same I thought that would frustrate the learning of other individuals. So I am going to share my materials with everyone who wants to learn. If there is enough interest I might start making this an audio podcast as well. It depends on the interest, so let me know.

This is the start of a Navajo language learning community. Your input is much appreciated so we all can reach the goal of fluency and comprehension.

Welcome and good luck. =)

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